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Advertising Networks

These are sites that help you make money with your web site or blog by using some of the space on your site to advertise for other sites or products. In many ad programs, you earn whenever someone visits your site and clicks on the ad (referred to as pay-per-click or PPC ads). In others, you earn whenever an ad is viewed - these ads are pay-per-impression.
There are a number of different types of ads: banner ads, text ads, ads inserted into pictures or videos, interstitial ads which appear when people are moving from one page to another on your site, pop-up/pop-under ads, and so on. Ads may also be contextual, which mean that the ad is based on the content of the page that the ad appears on.
Webmasters should always remember that some forms of advertising are less popular than others. The best ads blend in with your site, do not annoy or harass your visitors, and are relevant enough so that your visitors will occasionally click on them.
AdBrite is a large supplier of several different types of ads for your web site or blog. You can choose from text ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads. All types of ads are highly customizable. Where AdBrite excels is in the amount of control you have over the ads placed on your site. You can set the prices you want to charge for the ads, set time frames for how long the ads will stay on your site, and so on.
AdPreference is a supplier of interstitial ads. These are full-page ads that appear in between two other pages on your site. The ads can be skipped over, or will automatically move to the next page after a few moments. Importantly, you have full control over these ads. You decide how much to charge, as well as when and where the ads will display. Advertisers will then be able to find your site on AdPreference and decide if they would like to place ads there, pending your approval.
ADster provides contextual text ads. You place an "ADster Panel" anywhere on your site, which is where the ads will appear. The panel can be customized to blend in with your site.
You can then choose to either display ads that pay every time someone clicks on them, or flat rate ads. If you choose flat rate ads, you are given complete control over which ads appear on your site and how much you would like to charge for them - ADster pays you 75% of this revenue.
AdVolcano promises 100% customizable ads for your site. You can set different rates for ad space on your site, and decide how long ads can run (daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly) at each rate. You also set what size the ads can be and where they will be placed. AdVolcano will then include your site in their searchable directory so that advertisers can browse through and purchase your ad space. AdVolcano pays out 75% of the total bid price.
BidVertiser is a provider of text ads. It is called "BidVertiser" because the advertisers bid against each other to get the best ad space. You have full control over the ads that appear on your site and BidVertiser automatically tracks the performance of your ads so that you can see which ones are the most successful. BidVertiser also has a very low minimum payout of just $10.00.
BlogAds provides ads specifically for blogs. Ads come in a strip format that can include both picture and text ads. The ads will run anywhere from 1 week to several months, and bloggers are paid a flat rate for each ad run. These pay anywhere from $10 to several thousand dollars per week depending on your blog's traffic. BlogAds requires you to have a fairly large blog with at least 1,000 readers per day. They also require you to be sponsored by one of the blogs
in their network, though you can also email BlogAds and ask to be notified when a new sponsor is available.
BritePic is a service by AdBrite that allows you to add a tiny menu to the images on your site. Users of your site can then interact with them - zoom in, email or print the images, and more. You then have the option of putting a small ad at the top of the images, which you will earn money from. Even if you choose not to use the built-in ads with BritePic, the other features are free to use on your site, making it an attractive option for webmasters.
BurstMedia is one of the oldest advertising networks on the internet. They provide a variety of targeted advertising options including text ad units, various types of banner ads, pop-under ads and more. Some ads are pay-per-click and some are pay-per-impression and you can reject ads if you do not like the content or the rate that they pay. BurstMedia requires that your site have at least 5,000 pageviews per month and you must follow some other very specific rules - in many cases they require that you give Burst's ads priority over other ads on
your site.
Casale Media provides ads for relatively established sites. To qualify, your site must receive at least 10,000 unique visitors per month and meet some minimum content requirements.
Casale Media specializes in banner/button ads, but also provide interstitial and pop-under ads. All of their ads are pay-per-impression, and webmasters have complete control over which ads will appear on their site.
Chitika is a provider of mainly shopping-related advertising. They are best known for their "eMiniMalls" which allow users of your site to compare prices and shop for items without even leaving your site. They also offer other forms of ads, such as "related products" text ads. All of their ads are pay per click. If your site is based around consumer products in some way, Chitika is a good choice. They require that your site receive at least 10,000 pageviews per month in order to apply.
Clicksor is a provider of several different types of contextual ads, including text and banner ads, but they are probably best known for their inline text advertising. This is where specific words in your articles or blog posts are underlined, and a small ad pops up when the links are hovered over with the mouse. Note that your site must receive at least 5,000 pageviews per day to qualify for Clicksor.
FeedBurner is the largest RSS feed managing site on the internet. If you use FeedBurner to host your blog's feeds, you can also participate in the FeedBurner Ad Network and have paid ads automatically inserted into the feeds. These ads pay per impression and you can approve or reject advertisers as you choose. To qualify, your blog must be at least 3 months old and you must publish new content at least once per week.
Feedvertising is a service by Text Link Ads (also listed in this section) that allows you to automatically insert text ads into your blog's RSS feeds. Currently only WordPress 2.0 and higher blogs are supported, although the service will be expanded in the future. When using Feedvertising, you can opt to use paid ads provided by Text Link Ads and generate extra income for your site, or you can instead publish your own custom ads or affiliate links.
Google Adsense is the most popular and widely known text ad service. Google scans your pages and then provides contextual ads that are specifically tailored to the content of your pages. Google's ads are pay-per-click, with the amount per click varying depending on the underlying keyword for each ad. In addition to text ads, they provide affiliate banners and buttons, as well as an option to place a Google search box on your site, which pays when people click on the ads in the search results. Adsense makes it easy for even newer or smaller sites to earn some advertising revenue.
LinkWorth is a marketing and advertising company. They specialize in text ads and have several different styles to choose from beyond the standard text block. If you run multiple sites, LinkWorth allows you to bundle them together at a discount in order to attract more advertisers. LinkWorth also offers a number of flexible payment options, including direct deposit and wire transfers in addition to the standard check and PayPal options.
MediaPlex is the advertising network of Valueclick, a longtime internet advertising company. They excel in the large variety of different ad types that they offer. This includes banners of many different sizes and formats - including rich media formats like Flash - interstitial ads, pop-unders, and "InVue" ads which appear as a new window "inside" of an existing browser window. MediaPlex's ads are pay-per-impression and your site must receive at least 3,000
pageviews per month to apply.
MIVA is a contextual ad network with several different kinds of ads. You can choose from various sizes of text ad blocks, inline ads which appear when a visitor of your site hovers their mouse over a keyword, and search ads which can be integrated into the search function on your site. MIVA tailors ads towards the content of your pages, and also let you specify keywords for the ads in order to fine-tune them further. All of MIVA's ads are pay-per-click.
OneMonkey is another provider of targeted text ads and an alternative to Google Adsense. They allow you to place blocks of text ads on your pages or include them in search results on your site. There is no minimum traffic that your site must receive to apply, and OneMonkey pays out 80% of the ad revenue to you, one of the highest rates among ad networks. They also offer the choice between pay-per-click and pay-per-impression ads.
PayPopUp is a provider of pop-under ads. These ads appear in new browser windows behind the main window, so that the user sees them after the main window is closed. These are generally considered less annoying than pop-up ads, which appear on top and are usually closed instantly. PayPopUp's ads are pay-per-impression, with the standard rate being $1.80 per thousand impressions.
PeakClick is another provider of contextual text ads. The ads are pay per click and you earn 70% of the revenue for every click. They also offer a toolbar which users of your site can download, and then pays you for every click from the toolbar. PeakClick is very flexible when it comes to payment. They pay out every two weeks and provide a wide variety of payment options. They also offer the option of being paid in either dollars or euros.
Pheedo is a service similar to Feedburner that can host your blog's RSS feeds as well as insert paid ads into them. However, you do not need to host your feed with Pheedo in order to use their ad service. The feed ads can be text or banner ads. Some ads pay per click and some pay per impression. You control how often the ads appear in your feeds, and you can also choose to run ads in your feed and on your site simultaneously and be paid a premium rate.
Qumana is a blog resource site. They also have an ad service called Q-Ads, which is designed mainly for blogs. Q-Ads are text ads that can appear anywhere you choose in your blog or in your RSS feed. You choose the design of the ad, as well as specific keywords that are relevant to where the ad will be placed. Q-Ads then displays the highest paying ad for that keyword.
TargetPoint provides contextual ads in several different formats, and all ads are highly customizable. This includes text ads, banner ads, pop-under ads, and their "ExitPoint" ads which appear at the top of the window when users click on exit links from your site. Though the ExitPoint system allows you to earn advertising revenue without actually having ads on your site, note that some users may find it annoying.
Text Link Ads specializes in text ads for your site or blog and is a popular alternative to Google Adsense. You decide how many ads to place and where on your site to place them. This, along with your site's traffic, will determine how much each ad will pay out when Text Link Ads sells the spot to an advertiser. These ads are not contextual ads, so you may approve or deny ads as you wish and you can use Text Link Ads alongside other text ads on your site.
ThankYouPages is a service for any site that has a membership or registration feature. After a user of your site signs up or logs in, their demographic data is sent to ThankYouPages, who will then insert a relevant ad or offer for that user. The user can accept or reject the offer, and then continue on to your site. All information shared with ThankYouPages is kept confidential. ThankYouPages requires that your site be primarily targeted towards US users.
Tribal Fusion is a large provider of many different types of ads for high traffic sites, including Flash ads and other types of video ads, interstitial ads, and many others. Note that they are somewhat picky about approving sites, and that your site must have at least 2,000 unique visitors per day to qualify.
Vibrant Media is the largest provider of in-text advertising. These are ads that appear as double underlined words inside of articles or blog posts. Vibrant scans the content of your pages and then attaches the ads to relevant words. In order to qualify, you must have a large site that receives at least 500,000 page views per month.
Vizu Answers will pay you to add interactive polls to your site. These polls are provided by Vizu's clients, who are interested in hearing from your site's audience. The polls are placed directly on your site wherever you choose, and the look of the polls can be customized to some degree. An added advantage of choosing polls over traditional advertising is that you can make money without your visitors ever leaving your site.
Yahoo Publisher Network is Yahoo's version of Google Adsense. The two programs are similar in providing contextual text ad units, although Yahoo's program is still in beta, and many sites that apply are not accepted. Additionally, the program is currently only open to US residents.


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