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Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are becoming a very popular way to make extra money online. The sites that provide these surveys are owned or contracted by market research companies. These companies value your opinion and are willing to pay you for spending some time filling out surveys about various products.
New to online surveys? Here are some tips:
After you sign up with a survey site you will be asked give some demographic information about yourself, and possibly to take a few unpaid surveys. These are usually called profile surveys. Not all survey sites have profile surveys, but if they are available you should fill them out as soon as possible. Doing so will help you later to qualify for more paid surveys.
Once in a while you will receive a survey invitation in your email. Some sites may send you several invitations per week, while others may send invites once a month or less. If you accept the invitation, you will first be given a screener, which is a few short questions to see if you qualify for the full survey. If you qualify, you can expect to spend from 5 to 20 minutes filling out the survey.
The amount paid for a survey varies widely - $1-$5 for typical surveys, to as much as $50 or more for highly specialized surveys. Most survey sites do not pay you directly after completing each survey, but instead send you a total payment after you have reached a certain amount.
This amount is known as the minimum cashout.
American Consumer Opinion sends several screeners each month. If you qualify for the full survey, you will be paid for every single survey you complete - there is no minimum amount you must reach before you can cash out. Additionally, all members of American Consumer Opinion are entered automatically into a monthly cash drawing without having to do anything extra, which makes it very worth your while to sign up.
Choozz is an entertainment survey site specializing in the topics of music, movies, and games. Choozz requires its users to be between 13 and 35 years old. Each survey on Choozz has a different type of incentive - some offer cash rewards, while others offer chances to win prizes or entries into their $25,000 sweepstakes.
Ciao! Surveys is an international survey site now owned by Greenfield Online, which is also listed in this section. It is available to ages 14 and up and all over the world, except in the United States and Canada - residents of these two countries should sign up at Greenfield's main site. Ciao has a low minimum cashout of just $5.00, so you will not have to complete many surveys before you can get paid.
ClickIQ features a paid survey panel called e/visor that is available to US residents only. ClickIQ rewards users with "IQPoints" for taking surveys, with 100 points equal to $1.00. Surveys generally offer 150 points for completing, or a smaller number of points if you do not qualify for the full survey. ClickIQ has a relatively high minimum cashout of $25.00. Like many other survey sites, you can also earn entries into sweepstakes for participating.
Esearch is one of the highest paying survey sites on average. However, they send a very small number of survey invitations - typically just one or two per month. There are no profile surveys to fill out, so participation is easy, making Esearch a very good site to sign up with alongside other survey sites. Besides cash, Esearch also offers rewards such as gift certificates for completed surveys.
Global Opinion Panels (also known as Synovate) offers points for completed surveys, with 1,000 points equal to $1. Most surveys offer several thousand points or more for completing, and there is a low minimum cashout of just $5.00. Global Opinion Panels also provides the option of having samples of products mailed to you, and then being paid simply for answering a survey about the product. This is entirely optional. Global Opinion Panels is available in the US only.
Global Test Market is a long running site that compensates well for its surveys. Users are rewarded for every single survey with "MarketPoints" which are then turned in for cash, at a rate of 20 MarketPoints = $1.00. Most surveys offer anywhere from 50 to several hundred MarketPoints for completing, and you will receive some points even if you do not qualify for a particular survey. You can also refer your friends via email for more points. Greenfield Online features a large number of surveys for members to take at most times, although not all surveys are for cash. Many of Greenfield's surveys are for entries into their
cash drawings, of which there are several per month. If you do not qualify for a paid survey, you will still receive entries into the drawings simply for filling out the screener. Greenfield Online is available in the US and Canada only. If you live elsewhere, you should visit Greenfield's sister site: Ciao Surveys (listed earlier in this section).
HCDSurveys is a survey panel by HCD Research that rewards its users with points for every survey they complete. 100 points are equal to $1 and the minimum cashout is $10. Typical surveys on HCD pay out 100-500 points. HCD seems to send a small amount of surveys per month compared to other sites, but as always the actual number of invites you get will depend a lot on your demographics.
Lightspeed Consumer Panel sends a relatively large number of invites for paid surveys, although compensation is slightly lower on average than some of the other survey sites. Users receive "Lightspeed Points" for completing surveys - these can be redeemed for cash or other prizes if you choose. In addition, you receive an entry into their $5,000 drawing for each survey whether you qualify for the full survey or not. Lightspeed Panel also features a number of mini-polls that you can fill out, which will earn you even more entries into their cash
MySurvey (previously known as NFO MySurvey) is another survey site that rewards its users with points that can later be redeemed for cash. On MySurvey, 100 points is equivalent to $1.00 and some surveys offer as much as 1,000 points for completing. MySurvey features a number of different sweepstakes as well. There is a daily 10,000 point ($100) drawing for all members of the site - you only need to log on to their site to qualify for the drawing - and an additional $10,000 drawing awarded several times a year. MySurvey is also known to occasionally award bonus points simply for good participation on their site.
Opinion Outpost rewards its users with points for taking surveys, with 10 points being equal to $1. Surveys typically pay between 10 and 100 points if you qualify, and you only need to accumulate 50 points before you can cash out. The site also has an option for you to answer surveys by phone for extra compensation. Note that this option is disabled by default, and you must specifically opt-in if you want to take part, so you should not worry about receiving unwanted phone calls. Available in the US and Canada only.
Planet Pulse is another survey site that uses the familiar system of rewarding its users with points, which are called "Pulses" on their site. 100 Pulses is equal to $1.00 and some surveys offer as much as 5,000 Pulses ($50.00), though those are rare. Typical survey payouts are in line with most of the other paid survey sites, and you also get a small amount of Pulses even if you do not qualify for a full survey after filling out the screener. Planet Pulse also has a referral program that rewards you with more Pulses every time someone you refer completes a survey.
SurveySavvy sends less survey invitations on average than the typical survey site, but compensation for surveys is generally very good. Even if you do not qualify for a particular survey, you are still entered into a monthly cash drawing. SurveySavvy also features a top notch referral program that pays well if you would like to refer others to their site.
SurveySpot is a good place to go if you really enjoy taking surveys. They generally send out multiple survey invitations per day. However, keep in mind that not all of their surveys are paid surveys. The majority of their surveys will earn you entries into their $25,000 sweepstakes. You are also entered into the sweepstakes every time you do not qualify for a paid survey. Also, you can log on to their site and find a small list of surveys to choose from at almost any time each day. Available in the US, Canada, and UK only.
YouGov Panel is a survey site that specializes in political opinion polls. The YouGov Panel is primarily for the UK. However, they provide two additional sites - YouGovAmerica for US members, and YouGovME for those in the Middle East. YouGov Panel pays out around $1-$2 per poll. One drawback is that they have a high minimum cashout of $50.00.
Your2Cents offers a few extra bonuses over typical survey sites. First, they reward you just for filling out your profile surveys - $1 each. They also have a few other types of surveys -text based surveys that you can receive on your cell phone, and telephone based surveys.
These offer extra incentives compared to the standard web based surveys. Note that these extra surveys are entirely optional. Your2Cents is available in the US and Canada only.

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