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Paid Blogging

Already have a blog? Get paid for it! Sponsored blog networks will pay you to review products or web sites in your blog posts, or to add sponsored links to your blog. Don't have a blog yet, or planning to start a new blog? There are blog networks that will pay you to blog for them, as well as hosting services that will host your blog for free and then share their ad revenue with you.
B5media is a large network of individual blogs. If you are an active blogger that can write at least 6-8 posts per week, you can apply to write for one of their blogs. You can either suggest an idea for a new blog, or apply to join their network with your existing blog. There is a short screening process where you must provide samples of your writing. Bloggers for B5media reportedly earn a few hundred dollars per month.
BlogCharm is a blog hosting service that will host your blog for free. You must start a new blog on BlogCharm in order to qualify and most types of blogs are allowed. On each page of your blog there will be a thin header containing text ads. The text ads generate revenue for BlogCharm, which in turn shares that revenue with its users 50/50. More popular blogs receive a larger share. Users are also permitted to place Google Adsense ads on their blogs to earn more money.
BlogChex is a service that, like BlogCharm, will host your blog for free. You can choose to start a new blog or migrate an existing blog to BlogChex. They also share their ad revenue with their users or will even find specific advertising for blogs, though they are a little vague about this as the site is still a work in progress. Another similarity to BlogCharm is that they allow you to place Google Adsense ads on your blogs to earn more. For first time bloggers, BlogCharm and BlogChex are worth a try.
Blogitive is a sponsored blog site that allows you to browse offers from different advertisers and then get paid to write a blog post about them. Blogitive pays $5 per post on average, though they state this "varies" depending on the offer. They also have a few extra services that you can try, such as being paid to list news headlines on your blog and be paid when visitors click on them, or to be paid to write for blogs other than your own. To apply, your blog must be at least 3 months old and be regularly updated (at least 3 posts per week).
Blogging Ads offers a very easy way to get involved with sponsored blog posts. After signing up, you can browse through different "ads" for other sites. These ads are basically designed as short blog posts that you insert into your own blog and are paid about $5 each for. You are limited to 3 of these per month in a single blog, or up to 10 per month if you register multiple blogs. To qualify, your blog must be at least 3 months old and have a minimum amount of content and traffic. Blogsvertise allows you to register your blog and then later be contacted with different offers from advertisers. Most blogs are accepted, though your blog must be at least one month old. When you receive an offer and choose to accept it, you need to write a blog post that contains at least three links to the advertiser's site. An endorsement of the site is not necessary. Blogsvertise pays anywhere from $4 to $25 for posts, with the potential of earning more after you have participated for a while.
CREAMaid is a site featuring numerous "conversations" about specific topics. As a blog writer you can choose one of these conversations, write a post about it in your blog, and then insert a widget from CREAMaid at the end of your post. As long as you have followed the guidelines, your post will be linked to the conversation. It will then be listed among the other posts, and you will be eligible to receive a royalty from the original conversation starter. You can also
make money from referrals if other bloggers participate in the conversation after being led to it from your post. Though not as lucrative as some other paid blogging sites, CREAMaid is very easy to participate in.
Creative Weblogging is a blog network that will pay you if you blog fairly regularly. Note that you must have some prior experience blogging, as they prefer to see a sample of your work before you can sign up. Creative Weblogging pays $225 per month, and you must write at least 7 new posts per week. Note: as of this writing, Creative Weblogging is not accepting new blogs, but this changes from time to time. However, they are looking for new paid editors.
DeWitts Media is a web development and search engine optimization site. Among other services, they offer a sponsored link program for blogs. This is where you insert a link with specific text into your blog post, which is a paid advertisement for another site. Bloggers are paid $10 per link, and must agree not to disclose that the link is sponsored. Note that your blog must have a Google PageRank of at least 3 to be accepted.
LinkWorth features a few programs of particular interest to bloggers. Their LinkPost program allows you to make money with sponsored blog posts. But if you prefer sponsored links instead of full sponsored posts, they offer that as well with their LinkInTxt program. In both programs, you will earn 70% of what the advertiser has paid for the sponsored post or link.
LoudLaunch allows you to get paid for inserting "micro press releases" in your blog posts. Essentially, this is similar to other sponsored blog programs where you review another site in your blog post. You can choose which advertiser campaigns you wish to write about, and you must disclose that the post is sponsored. Oddly, the amount you are paid is not set in advance; rather, you are paid a "fair assessment" which depends mainly on how much traffic your blog gets. To apply for LoudLaunch, you must be at least 18 years of age and your blog must be at least 2 months old.
Pay Me To Blog About You is a new sponsored blog program that includes both sponsored blog posts and sponsored links. The site basically acts as a marketplace where advertisers can browse to find a blog to hire, or bloggers can place bids (i.e. how much they would like to be paid) for different opportunities that appear on the site. Pay Me To Blog About You also features a messaging system that allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate directly with
each other.
PayPerPost is the largest network of sponsored blog posts. To sign up, you must have an existing blog that is at least 3 months old. If your blog is accepted, you can pick and choose whichever offers you like, then write about it in your blog. Bloggers are paid after their post has been up for a set period of time. Amounts paid vary widely depending on which offer was selected, and more popular blogs can expect to be paid more. Bloggers using PayPerPost can expect to earn several hundred dollars per month or more.
PayU2Blog is a relatively new sponsored blog site. Rather than require you to write an entire review of a product or site, bloggers only have to insert a sponsored link into their blog post. The post does not have to be specifically about the link. PayU2Blog generally pays $5.00 per link. This is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to make money with your blog, but note that bloggers do not have the option to approve or deny the sponsored links that are
offered by PayU2Blog. ReviewMe allows relatively established blogs to get paid for reviewing other sites. Anyone can apply, although your blog must meet a minimum standard of traffic/readers in order to be accepted. If your blog is accepted, ReviewMe will give it a star rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (again, based on traffic), and set a standard price that you can expect to be paid for reviews.
Reviewers are paid anywhere from around $10-$20 to as much as several hundred dollars in the case of high traffic blogs. Reviews are meant to be casual and honest - they are not required to be positive.
Smorty is another sponsored blogging service that requires your blog to be at least 3 months old in order to qualify. You can register multiple blogs with Smorty, although you cannot review the same products or sites on more than one blog. Paid blog posts start at $6 each, with up to $100 per post possible for high traffic blogs and/or blogs with a high PageRank on Google. Bloggers get paid weekly on Smorty.
Sponsored Reviews is a sponsored blog network that allows bloggers to hand pick the products or sites that they would like to write about. Sponsored Reviews takes 35% of the review fee. You'll make at least $10 for a sponsored post, increasing to hundreds of dollars -or even over $1,000 - for high traffic blogs.
V7N Contextual Links provides sponsored links for your blog. As with other sponsored link programs, the link is to be placed somewhere in your blog post, and the post does not need to be specifically about the site being linked to. V7N requires that bloggers in their program do not disclose that the links are sponsored. They pay $10 per sponsored link. To apply, you must have an existing blog with a fair amount of traffic. This is a very similar program to the one
from DeWitts Media, and pays the same.
Weblogs, Inc. is an AOL-owned network of about 90 blogs, many of which cover some aspect of computing or technology. You can apply to join one of their existing blogs as a contributing blogger, or suggest a topic for a new blog. Weblogs, Inc. reportedly pays their bloggers $4-$5 per blog post.
Wise Bread is one of the most visited personal finance blogs on the net. They are always looking to add new bloggers who can write about personal finance, frugal living, career ideas, shopping tips and so on. To apply, Wise Bread asks that you send them a few sample posts and ideas. If you qualify, you will receive 100% of the ad revenue from your personal pages on the site.

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