Saturday, December 29, 2007

Share Your Files

Sharing photos and videos with others online is something that many of us do all the time; whether it's sharing your own files, or passing along other funny or interesting files we find on the web. The massive success of YouTube shows just how popular activities like these can be. The sites listed here encourage you to share picture and video files, and they will pay you for it - typically by sharing their ad revenue with you. The more popular your files are, the more you can earn.
Break is a video and picture site "for the guys". Of course, you are not required to be male to sign up, but the content is oriented towards the male 18-34 demographic (note: site contains some adult content). You can have a personal page on Break and use it to host your original pictures and videos. If Break likes your content enough to post it in a gallery or on the homepage, they will pay you as much as $25 for pictures and several hundred dollars for video.
Flixya was originally a video sharing site that has since expanded and now offers some additional features to its users, like hosting a photo gallery or a blog. They then allow you to place Google Adsense ads on your pages and receive 100% of the ad revenue. Sharing videos is still a primary focus of the site and Flixya allows you to submit videos from any site that allows embedded videos (such as Youtube). is a media exchange site. You can sign up as a "Shareholder" and then upload your original video, music, or podcast files. The site offers unlimited hosting of your files, which can be as large as 200 MB each. sets aside 80% of the site's entire ad revenue and divides it up among the Shareholders. The percentage of the share you receive is based on how much traffic your files generated.
MetaCafe is a very large video sharing network that allows you to upload original video. The site has a "Producer Rewards" program that allows you to be paid for your videos. MetaCafe must review the videos before they can appear on the site. After your video has been viewed at least 20,000 times, you will receive $5 per 1,000 views. Note that although MetaCafe does contain some adult content, they have a "family filter" option that is turned on by default.
MoneyTube is a video sharing site that shares its ad revenue with its users 50/50. Link to videos from other video sites such as Youtube or Google Videos and start earning. Not only will you receive a 50% share of the ad revenue for the videos you link to, but you can refer other people to Moneytube and receive 15% of the revenue from the videos they link to as well.
Revver is a video sharing network. Users can upload their original videos to Revver, which are then displayed on Revver with an ad attached to them. Ad revenue generated by a particular video is split 50/50 with the creator. Revver strongly encourages users to share the videos all over the net by emailing them to friends, posting them on other sites, and so on. You can even earn money by sharing videos from Revver that others have created.
Shareapic is a picture hosting service. You can host your pictures there for free (no adult content) and are then encouraged to share them elsewhere on the net. Every month, Shareapic shares its advertising revenue with users of the site. The more times your pictures were viewed, the more you can make - the exact amount varies from month to month. If you are signed up with Google Adsense, you can also place Adsense ads in your personal gallery to earn even more.
Share-A-Flick is the sister site of Shareapic. As you might have guessed, Share-A-Flick deals with video sharing. They do not offer video hosting themselves. Instead, you can submit video from any site that allows you to embed video onto a web page (such as Youtube and MySpace). Like Shareapic, they pay out a share of their advertising revenue to their users each month.
Upblogger is a site that allows users to create their own "multimedia blog". On your page you can upload any combination of video, pictures, and/or audio clips. You then earn money based on how many times your files are viewed. Although they offer $5 per 1,000 plays of audio/video and $3 for every 5,000 photo views, each file needs to reach a certain number of views or plays before you are paid for that file. Note that Upblogger features a fair amount of adult content.
VuMe (short for View Me, and formerly known as Eefoof) is a media sharing site. You upload your original video, images, or audio clips. VuMe inserts ads onto your pages or at the end of your video clips. You then earn $3.00 for every 1,000 hits your files receive. Users of VuMe retain the rights to everything that they upload.

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